About Us

Company set up time: AD 2014
Business philosophy: The company's predecessor [Yun Shuo Enterprise Co., Ltd.] was founded in 2014. It is a research and development manufacturing company engaged in beauty equipment supplies. It has been operating in Taiwan for many years. The company established a medical beauty product and health food research and development team in 2019 and officially changed its name. It is "Taiwan Yunshuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd." "Taiwan Yunshuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd." is committed to the professional research and development of skin care products, and cooperates with domestic cabinet companies to develop biotechnology and beauty projects, laying the foundation for the research and development of top skin care products and OEM manufacturing. The company mainly provides skin care and beauty products and health food research and development, finished product manufacturing, OEM/ODM foundry, and has business dealings with 12 countries around the world. The company's research and development team feels that modern people's knowledge of skin care products is weak. Therefore, the main requirement is to "do not add artificial flavors" and "absolute safety", and insist on providing the safest and most natural and absolutely zero burden on the environment and the human body. Products, in good faith, professional, responsible brand sustainable business concept to face customers. Taiwan Yunshuo Biotech Co., Ltd. “shoot shoot Selfie Mask" product
Participated in the 2019 China Central Television `` Belt and Road '' program.
National Enterprise Outstanding Product Merchants Association Selection Conference in Beijing .
From more than 5,000 companies across the country, only 40 were selected to participate in the selection conference.